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You can mute and unmute your Microphone directly from menubar or use option + space key to toggle your microphone. You can also use push-to-talk mode to temporarily unmute yourself. Mutify works with Zoom, Hangout, Slack, Skype, GoToMeeting, Webex, Telegram, Viber, FB Messanger etc.
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Smart Insomnia

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Smart Insomnia
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Don't let your Mac sleep when lid is closed. Play music, Airplay videos and use Mac with external monitors with the lid closed. Best way to keep your Mac awake.
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Send current website from Safari to your iPhone or iPad. You can also push your clipboard contents to other devices.
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Never lock your Mac again. A Premium Intelligent lock for your Mac. Works with iPhone and Apple Watch. We bet you'll love it.
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Menu bar Launcher

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Tag all your files and apps to the menu bar. It's the easiest access to your frequent files.
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Last Tab for Safari

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Ever want to switch quickly between two tabs in Safari? Ask no more.
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Voice Recordings - For Teams

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Automatically share audio recordings with your team members. Your recordings are stored in iCloud and are in sync between each team member.
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Notedown is made for taking notes on your iPhone screen as seamlessly as possible. We bet you are going to love it.
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