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Scan me to get the iOS PhoneCast App

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Press to open this link on an iOS device

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Mirror iPhone and iPad to your Mac wirelessly. No need to connect iPhone/iPad to Mac with a cable. Demo what's on your iPhone/iPad in online meeting, play games, draw live. Check out the demo video below 👇
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Batteries - Track All Devices

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Scan me to get the iOS Batteries App

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Press to open this link on an iOS device to install Batteries on iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch

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Batteries - Track All Devices

Track batteries of your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac at the same time on every device. Battery levels are reliable as it uses tracking tech built into your devices.

Batteries is designed to do just one thing. That is to track batteries of all your Apple devices from a single app. Once you install batteries app in your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac, all your devices battery level becomes available to every other device. So no matter what device you are on, you can check battery level of any of your devices.
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Menu Bar Web Browser

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Browser in your menubar. Add your favourite websites and browse them directly in Mac menu bar. Videos keep playing even when hidden in menubar. Tab switching is seamless.
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Smart Insomnia

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Don't let your Mac sleep when lid is closed. Play music, Airplay videos. Use Mac with external monitors with the lid closed even when on battery power. Insomnia is the best way to keep your Mac awake when lid is closed.
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You can mute and unmute your Microphone directly from menubar or use a key combination to toggle your microphone. Easily know when you mic is hot with floating mic icon. Mutify works with Zoom, Hangout, Slack, Skype, GoToMeeting, Webex, Telegram, Viber, FB Messanger etc
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Never lock your Mac again. A Premium Intelligent lock for your Mac. Works with iPhone and Apple Watch. We bet you'll love it.
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Send current website from Safari to your iPhone or iPad. You can also push your clipboard contents to other devices.
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Menu bar Launcher

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Tag all your files and apps to the menu bar. It's the easiest access to your frequent files.
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Last Tab for Safari

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Ever want to switch quickly between two tabs in Safari? Ask no more.
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